Have not been sleeping well for quite a while -- one of the cute bits of getting old, I believe. Hence fixing breakfast at 0500 on a Sunday and getting on the internet at 0630. Air temperature 61 F, dew point 55, south wind about 5 mph, scattered clouds.

Have had a hard time resetting writer-brain to work on DOMINIONS after the backlist e-book flurry. Did add a couple of paragraphs yesterday, but the world's notable lack of enthusiasm for my writing takes its toll. Sales rank of POWERS on both Amazon and B&N remains lousy. If you write a book and nobody reads it, has the murdered tree made a sound as it dies in the forest?

Intend to get out for a bike ride, but I am lacking energy for much enthusiasm for that. Plus, digestion iffy, not sure how long I dare absent myself from a toilet . . .

Gloomy Jim is gloomy.
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