Again not raining

Grass wet from dew and overnight showers, but sunshine through the fog. Air temperature 61 F, dew point 60, calm. We seem to have acquired a phoebe in the yard -- seen it for several days now, no PHOEBE! PHOEBE! calls so we may not need to fear a nest.

Past the 1/3 point of comparing text file of THE SUMMER COUNTRY to the old page proofs. Tedious, and I haven't found much to change -- a couple of misplaced carriage returns, and some anachronisms (NYNEX instead of Verizon) that reflect the time lag between writing that chapter and page proofs.

We have new cover art for SUMMER COUNTRY and WINTER OAK, which will become public at some point.

Need reviews of POWERS on Amazon and B&N, folks. Reviews boost sales, and sales mean you get to read The Further Adventures Of. If you read it and liked it, please, please, pretty please? As usual, if you read it and hated it, STFU.

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