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Coming soon, to an ebook reader near you!

I've finished two review passes through the ebook files of DRAGON'S EYE and DRAGON'S TEETH. Cover art exists. Soon, soon, soon.

Then I need lots and lots of people to buy.

Have I got a deal for you!

E-book files for THE SUMMER COUNTRY and THE WINTER OAK are now available for purchase and download. SUMMER COUNTRY boasts a Special! Introductory! Offer! price of $.99 US to get you hooked. New cover art! Same great taste! Go forth and buy!


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Read an excerpt

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Have not been sleeping well for quite a while -- one of the cute bits of getting old, I believe. Hence fixing breakfast at 0500 on a Sunday and getting on the internet at 0630. Air temperature 61 F, dew point 55, south wind about 5 mph, scattered clouds.

Have had a hard time resetting writer-brain to work on DOMINIONS after the backlist e-book flurry. Did add a couple of paragraphs yesterday, but the world's notable lack of enthusiasm for my writing takes its toll. Sales rank of POWERS on both Amazon and B&N remains lousy. If you write a book and nobody reads it, has the murdered tree made a sound as it dies in the forest?

Intend to get out for a bike ride, but I am lacking energy for much enthusiasm for that. Plus, digestion iffy, not sure how long I dare absent myself from a toilet . . .

Gloomy Jim is gloomy.


That's a technical meteorological term. Air temperature 67 F, dew point 66, calm, scattered clouds. Still expected to get up to 90 F today. I think I'll limit myself to a local bike ride, taken early. Among other things, that means I don't have to goop-up with sunscreen.

Poking away at the piles of old e-mail printouts from e-book and website production. File folders to the fore!


"Happily ever after" doesn't always work, even in fairy tales. Maureen Pierce has won her castle, her man, and her powers, after terrible suffering in THE SUMMER COUNTRY. She has won a host of fierce enemies as well -- among them, the powerful dark witch Fiona and the deadly black dragon Khe'sha, who plot vengeance. Many of the Old Blood fear the change that she brings to the Summer Country of Celtic myth, and the warrior Pendragons believe that her lover, Brian Albion, has betrayed their secrets.

If that wasn't bad enough, Maureen hates her castle for the pain she suffered there. She fears her new-found powers. The ghosts of old trauma still haunt her and those close to her -- Brian, her sister Jo, and Jo's lover, the human bard David.

Against that, Maureen has the love of the Wildwood, the tangled, dangerous, above all magical forest surrounding the castle she won. She and those with her have honor -- a strange and rare and powerful concept in the Summer Country.

Holding her place turns out to be as hard as winning it, and she's going to need help.

Sometimes, that can come from where it's least expected.